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シンガポールにて保険会社「Income org」のTVCMにマイクロドローン撮影を採用致しました。コロナ禍で撮影スケジュールの調整に大変でしたが、地元のプロダクション、並びに関係者の方に支えられ、無事本番撮影を迎えることができました。

We know that no two financial journeys are the same. Your needs are becoming more complex. You’re carving different lives for yourselves, and with that comes different insurance needs. At Income, what matters to you, matters to us. You can trust that we’ll be there, understanding and anticipating your needs with the tools and advice that you need, in good times and bad. Because it’s not just about financial planning. It’s financial planning, #MadeYours.

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